Larry Bisso

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Introducing Shawna Haley-Bear

Shawna Haley-Bear is the consummate professional who captured the very essence of my inspirational messages. Shawna interpreted my melodies exactly the way they were meant to be sung, and brought abundant "life" to my lyrics as well.

Shawna is a Poland, Maine native who grew up singing Christian music in church. I invite you to enjoy the wonderful and talented voice of Shawna Haley-Bear. 

- Larry Bisso -

A Word From Tony Boffa


Shawna's sense of pitch is flawless. She is a confident, exciting vocalist, and simply the best. I personally credit Larry Bisso with helping me combine schooled musicianship with entertainment skills. This combination is what has helped me become consistent and successful as a musician and band leader. I am thankful to him.


Produced by The B.E.S.T Music Group & Larry Bisso Music

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